Family First Feature
We all know the unwritten rules and keep to them. But what if we didn’t? Five Family First writers tell us about the day they bucked a social norm

By Family First Contributors

Family First Feature
Standup earns a standing ovation on life’s stage

By Chaia Frishman

Family First Inbox
“I think the more food becomes a topic of conversation in our homes, the more fixated our children become”

By Family First Readers

Family Farce: Purim 5783
Not everything my mother writes about Yitzi means that I actually did it

By Yitzi Peritzman

Family Farce: Purim 5783
If you’re a guy and you have a wife, you already know most of what I’m going to tell you

By Esty Heller

Family Farce: Purim 5783
Did you know that Mishpacha does not offer subscriptions to each of their writers’ siblings?

By Fraidel Loeb

Family Farce: Purim 5783
We speak on behalf of not only ourselves, but most children in the world today

By The Swerds Boys

Family Farce: Purim 5783
We forgot to weigh him. Daddy! How would you like it if I weighed you before and after the shul kiddush?

By Anonymous

I was deep inside the story of the Megillah, delighting in words I hadn’t focused on for so long

By Aliza Radin

Magazine Feature
One year into a bitter war, Ukraine’s shluchim remain staunchly at their posts

By Riki Goldstein

Words Unspoken
Don’t you want your son to learn to experience the simchah of Purim without relying on alcohol?

By Anonymous

Washington Wrap
When the US and the EU provide Ukraine with massive aid while Iran — and potentially China — back Russia, the question arises: Is this the Cold War 2.0?

By Omri Nahmias

Jr. Fiction
If only I’d focused on Moshe from the beginning, I could have made a great shalach manos already

By Tali Rosenfeld

Inside Israel
The name “Huwara” may be alien to most readers, but it’s a village located on Route 60, near Nablus, and serves as a main artery for the thousands of residents of communities such ...

By Dvir Amar