Family First Feature
Rebbetzin Devorah Kirshboim’s faith is a fusion of Breslov and Novardok

By Linda Herschel

Family First Inbox
"Whether it’s a hobby, a volunteer activity, or a new job, we need to keep growing. Which will minimize inappropriately turning to our adult children to have our needs met"

By Family First Readers

Family Tempo
This comment was a dagger to my heart. Boring? How could my own husband find me boring?

By Roizy Baum 

A Better You
Keeping our internal conversation loving is a gift and an obligation to ourselves

By Family First Contributors

No Fail
I had a moment of clarity. “I want to share the power of inner work with other frum women,” I said

By Fay Dworetsky

A stir-fry, for crying out loud. In recipe-developer-land, did no one let slip that a stir-fry is a combination food?

By Elisheva Appel

The girl can barely speak, the lump in her throat is so large. And she cries brokenly as she tells him that she’s reached a dead end

By Bassheva Kahn

I’m the only woman I know who even owns noise-canceling headphones. I got them as a gift. From my husband, of course

By Shaina King

Addressing questions about Purim dress

By Rabbi Doniel Neustadt

For the Record
A historic encounter between Rabbi Yolles and the founder of Daf Yomi, Rav Meir Shapiro

By Dovi Safier and Yehuda Geberer

From My Table
I made these brownies with my kids one Sunday, and we thought other peanut butter/chocolate lovers out there should have a taste.

By Chanie Nayman

The Moment
Submit your biggest stressor and offer a solution, in order for all of us to Make Adar Great Again

By Mishpacha Staff

Amazingly tender, savory, and sweet.

By Rivky Kleiman

2.0 Feature
Risks and rewards of the industry

By Sara Glaz