We learned from our parents that wherever a Jew is, it’s always a good place to talk to our Father

By Marcia Stark Meth / Emmy Leah Stark Zitter / Miriam Stark Zakon

Family Activities
Come one, come all, play one, play all! You can prepare these carnival booths for a Chanukah party, or do one activity each night at home with your family

By Esti Vago

Family Diary
"I get that she’s down because she’s single, but this kind of attitude is going to make sure she stays single!"

By Shani Leiman

On your Mark
Alisa Minkin, MD, is a pediatrician and community health advocate who melds her medical background with her experience as a mother of a daughter with special needs

By Miriam Milstein

Family Tempo
“How do you do it? I mean don’t you feel stifled? Sweaty? Do you ever eat? I’ve never so much as seen you even adjust your mask”

By Rivka Streicher

Very quickly, after exactly seven days, and we’re told to get up, which is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life

By Aidy Feldman

Cold dread mingled with an absurd sense of validation at having my fears confirmed

By Raizy Appeldorfer

Rocking Horse
“There’s no such thing as causes. There are only people”

By Leah Gebber

On Site
Watch: Follow Rabbi Ephraim Schwartz on a virtual tour around the sites at Caesarea!

By Rabbi Ephraim Schwartz

All ordinary events are acts of Hashem and all are extraordinary

By Faigy Peritzman

From My Table
It’s not about the pursuit of perfection or about the overindulgence of anything gastro, but about the realization that something so simple can be underrated.

By Chanie Nayman

Family First Feature
When children shoulder age-inappropriate responsibilities, they can mature into adults with serious emotional scars. How to recognize and treat the imprint of parentification

By Elisheva Appel

Magazine Feature
One year after a deadly shooting, Moishe Dovid Ferencz is back behind the counter

By Sandy Eller

The Beat
"Fakhrizadeh’s death is indeed a heavy blow for the nuclear program, but it will go on”

By Eliezer Shulman