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Dinner Hour with Yocheved Gluckman

Yocheved Gluckman
Boro Park, Brooklyn
Wife, mother, and personal chef
Cooking for 10


I like to view feeding a large family as a privilege, rather than a challenge. Instead, I challenge myself to expand my children’s repertoires in a fun and loving way!

We never have a repeat dinner in a regular week. Chicken bottoms are served only once a week, usually

on Thursdays. In addition, sauces make rare appearances in our kitchen. Instead, my spice cabinet is full of diversity. All of this leads me to broaden my horizons to keep my family satisfied. Pleasing everyone is obviously beyond my expectations. There will always be something any given child will eat to satisfy themselves.

That said, preparing dinner is usually an adventure in our house. My kids help by cutting up salad. My younger children enjoy helping and watching the first prep phase of dinner each night. In my busy seasons, such as when I’m cooking for multiple clients, before Yom Tov, or when I’m cooking for kimpeturins, I leave our dinner, or at least one part of it, solely to my kids. Sometimes they beg me to let them make eggs or pasta on their own. At this point in my life, since my oldest is a teenager, I let them do it. You can easily halve or double this recipe based on your family’s needs. Enjoy!

Do you have a drinking rule at suppertime?

For health purposes, we drink before dinner starts, after washing up. The next drink is after pajamas.

Any suppertime conversations or around the-table rituals?

Schmoozing during dinner is encouraged and loved! We go around the table, listening to two “thank You Hashem's” from each person’s day.

Are neighbors allowed at your dinner table?

Dinner is served family-style with occasional special guests joining. Neighbors sometimes stop by too.

What’s your omigosh-I-forgot-to-defrostchicken supper?

My kids’ favorite dinners are the “no-defrosted meat” days. They’re happy to have vegetable-stuffed pita pizzas, grilled in our pizza maker. Yummm!

How do you camouflage leftovers?

There’s no need to camouflage leftovers in our house. I place them all on a huge board, charcuterie style, along with fruits, fresh vegetables, crackers, and more. Even my picky eaters enjoy supper on such nights!

(Originally featured in FamilyTable 661)

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