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A Friend in Need    

What Chani really needs: a day away from the fear and stress


My friend, Chani

Made Her Day

A Mishpacha reader

Chani had a terrible year. Her adorable little girl was diagnosed with a terrible type of cancer. We live out of town, and she’s now alone with her other five children while her husband is in Cleveland with her daughter, in and out of treatments.

Baruch Hashem, she meets all of her family’s needs, but I’d love to pamper her for a few hours (she won’t leave her kids for longer than that). I would love to treat her for whatever she wants — a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, whatever relaxes her — and take her out to eat to ease the stress for a few hours and to give her some time for herself.

—Her friend, Shevy



Friends are the family we choose. Chani chose well; Shevy’s a wonderful friend who sees past the trying circumstances to what Chani really needs: a day away from the fear and stress. We hope they have a wonderful time together — and that the new year brings refuos!


(Originally featured in Family First, Issue 760)

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