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8 Invaluable Ideas

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A bit of creative thinking makes for easier dishwashing. If you buy dish soap in economy-sized bottles (which is wise, considering the amount of dishes we wash), pour some of the soap from the original unwieldy container into a smaller bottle… even if the label on the smaller bottle states Mustard or Shampoo. It’ll weigh less and your dishwashing hand (or whoever’s hand is washing the dishes) won’t tire as quickly. If anyone asks why you’re washing the dishes with mustard or shampoo, just say it’s a new formula and has a good hechsher.

Unclouded Vision

You know that small square piece of soft material you get from the optometrist to clean your glasses? Using it is a better idea than wiping your glasses on your blouse or dress. The squares don’t leave smears or smudges and don’t scratch the glass. (I would not recommend them for contact lenses….) And if you received a small bottle of spray, use that too. It’s better than daubing water or breathing on the lenses. An optometrist told me the spray contains silicon, which makes the world look shinier.

Heavenly Reminders

Some people may do this more frequently, but in our house, we change the linen religiously twice a month — once on the New Moon (Rosh Chodesh) and once when the moon is full (the 15th of the month). It’s an eternal, dependable, heavenly reminder. Without it, I might wax and wane from Chanukah to Purim without remembering to put on clean sheets. Keeping my eye on the nighttime sky also infuses me with spiritual thoughts of Divine promises to Avraham Avinu.


Another pearl of glasses-related wisdom: People make the silly mistake of throwing away old glasses cases they think they no longer need. They do not realize that one can always find something useful to do with an old glasses case. They’re great for holding jewelry, credit cards, loose change, keys, safety pins, single earrings (until the second one shows up), or other minor miscellanea. They can also hold the old glasses you haven’t yet thrown away because you might need them if you ever break your new ones.

Invaluable Resources 

The list of seemingly unimportant but nonetheless invaluable household items is varied and long. Think tweezers (to dislodge or extract unextractable items), toothbrushes (to clean rings, swirly candlesticks, carved furniture, or other ornate, hard-to-clean items), and twine (includes all types and colors of string to attach, tie, or affix just about anything at all).

Buttons, screws, and bobby pins are also priceless. Ditto for safety pins, glue, scotch-tape, and shoelaces. Lipstick and nail polish, especially the clear variety, can also be put to good use. So be sure to keep all these crucial items in stock.

And never throw away a stray button or unidentified screw. The moment you dispose of it you will discover what it’s for and why you need it. Meanwhile, keep it in that old glasses case you’re saving.

(Excerpted from Family First, Issue 611)


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