Yaffa Ganz

Yaffa Ganz

YAFFA GANZ was the founder and editor of the Young Readers Division at Feldheim Publishers; is the author of over forty juvenile books (many translated into Hebrew, French, German, Russian and Spanish); several books of humorous essays, and many hundreds of articles published in Jewish media across the globe. She has been writing for Mishpacha since 2006 and presently has a column in the Jewish Press.
Mrs. Ganz is the author of the beloved Savta Simcha series, the Mimmy & Simmy books, “Sand and Stars–A Jewish Journey Through Time”, the “Jewish Factfinder–a Bookful of Torah Facts and Handy Jewish Information” and the Dr. Mitzva series. In addition, she has recently published “Wheat, Wine and Honey – Poems by Yaffa Ganz”.
The Ganzes have lived in Israel for the past fifty-five years and are great grandparents of a growing clan. In 1990 she received the prestigious Body of Work Award from the Association of Jewish Libraries in the United States for her “outstanding contribution to the field of Jewish Literature for Children.” Her sense of humor and lively imagination have made her a well known name among contemporary, Jewish juvenile authors.

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