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Watermelon Log Cakes

Text and Styling by Esther Ottensoser
Photography by Hudi Greenberger

One of my very first Plate Art articles, back in the summer of 2011, was a watermelon cake. I decided to update it with these refreshing and eye-catching watermelon log cakes. Sometimes it’s nice not to feel guilty about eating a slice of cake!

You will need:

  • 1 whole watermelon, oval shaped
  • sliced kiwis
  • sliced passion fruit
  • blueberries
  • sliced strawberries
  1. Cut off all sides of the watermelon, trying to keep as much flesh on as possible.
  2. Lay flat and continue to remove the rind with a sharp knife. For best results, leave a thin layer of white flesh, then remove the white layer while carving out a perfect log.
  3. Decorate each log with one type of fruit or create rows with assorted fruit.

Note: Strawberries and blueberries must be checked for bugs. Consult with your rav about proper checking methods.

(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 754)

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