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Precious Cargo

I was at the Kosel one afternoon and saw this picture unfolding in such a natural way

Photo: Moshe Wulliger


In Israel the light is gorgeous, the landscape is rich, and the soul of the Jewish People is beautiful. That beauty often brings tears to my eyes, and I was inspired to share it with others through the lens of my camera. I like to tell a story in one picture. If I can’t achieve that, the picture doesn’t see the light of day. I’ll do several lead-up photos until I capture that final moment that tells the story. That final shot will convey all the emotion and the passion that makes us a special People, and I make sure that a part of myself is embedded in every photo.

I was at the Kosel one afternoon and saw this picture unfolding in such a natural way. If you visit the Kosel on a steady basis, it’s common to see chayalim attending swearing-in ceremonies. They’re usually in uniform but not fully armed. In this picture, a group of religious soldiers, guns slung low and tzitzis swinging, were attending a promotion ceremony. When the ceremony was over it was time to daven and they started carrying out a sefer Torah for leining.


But I saw a different picture. To me it seemed like a group of young religious soldiers guarding the Torah — shielding it and protecting it. I jogged backward, staying ahead of them as they moved forward, until they had shifted into a V formation. Like an honor guard, they surrounded and escorted their precious cargo, with colorful flags proudly waving in the background.

(Originally featured in A Gift Passed Along, Special Supplement: Pesach 5780)

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