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Binyamin Rose and Gedalia Guttentag cover Israel’s biggest conflict in a generation: Operation Swords of Iron


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December 11, 2023

Today on Home Front:

  • International pressure for speedy progress risks IDF lives
  • Is there any solution to the Palestinian labor conundrum?
  • What Israel’s leaders can learn from the Hasmonean Empire

December 08, 2023

Today on Home Front:

  • What does a Hamas defeat look like?
  • How Israel’s strategy is helping to retain WH support
  • The political theater in the war cabinet continues
  • Ivy League presidents’ Congress appearance explains the state of academia today

December 04, 2023

Today on Home Front:

  • US demands are unfair, but it keeps them on our side.
  • A creaky unity government can still get the job done
  • Chuck Schumer and the October 8th Jews

**Note to listeners: Home Front will now air Mondays and Thursdays, covering the wider issues playing out in the ongoing war.


November 30, 2023

Today on Home Front:

    • Terror returns to Yerushalayim
    • Why aren’t we talking about Israel’s humanitarian disaster?
    • Henry Kissinger’s Mideast legacy
    • PLUS Gaza’s new shul

November 29, 2023

Today on Home Front:

  • Ben-Gvir’s threats and Gantz’s restlessness
  • Can the perpetrators emerge the victors?
  • Memo to concerned Senators: Don’t lecture Israel about ‘American Values’

November 28, 2023

Today on Home Front:

  • America’s one-sided conditions for military operations
  • Will military-age men become primary bargaining chips?
  • The problem with Elon Musk’s self-appointed role on the world stage

November 27, 2023

Today on Home Front:
• Will the ceasefire be extended — indefinitely?
• Signs of disunity in the war cabinet.
• UK rally underscores growing concern over the radical left

November 26, 2023

Today on Home Front:

  • A frame of reference for our fluctuating emotions
  • Hamas realized the downsides of baby-snatching
  • Memo to the MSM: Gazans support Oct 7th

November 23, 2023

Today on Home Front:

    • Inside the Shifa Tunnel Tour
    • Will Southern Gaza become the new West Bank?
    • Static warfare can be trickier than active offense
    • PLUS Stay tuned for the Ka Ribon clip near the kever of R’ Yisrael Najara

November 22, 2023

Today on Home Front:

  • The deal is bittersweet — but we’re all waiting to see the children’s homecoming
  • How the war completely reset geopolitical and demographic realities
  • PLUS: A visit to victims at Sheba Hospital