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Plates of the Decade

When it comes to creating content for the magazine, there’s nothing as valuable as the feedback we get from our readers. My favorite type of feedback is: “It was so doable!” Here are some ideas from our past Plate Art columns that have gotten the best reviews over the years. We hope you enjoy these reminders to help make your Yom Tov meals special for your family.

Ring of Salad

Arrange all the components of your salad in a ring around the plate. Place the lettuce in a neat pile in the middle. Dress only the components in the ring so that the lettuce stays crisp.

Sandwich Slices

Cut French bread or a large baguette into small wedges so that one side is straight and can be laid flat on the plate; cut the other side on a slant for a pretty effect. Scoop out some of the bread filling so there’s room for a spread of your choice. Add thinly sliced vegetables to complete the effect.

Soup Accents

Using a stencil or cookie cutter, cut a shape out of defrosted puff pastry dough. Sprinkle liberally with paprika. Transfer carefully to a baking sheet and bake until golden and crispy. Place in the center of your soup when serving.

Arba Minim Plate

Scoop out the contents of a lemon and fill with a small chopped salad of your choice. Place a breadstick wrapped with rosemary and thyme next to the lemon to mimic a lulav.

Upside-Down Salad

Place lettuce and layers of colorful vegetables in a martini glass. Flip the glass over onto a plate so the salad is covered by the glass. Let your guests lift the glass to uncover the neatly shaped salad waiting for them.

Chocolate Lace

Drizzle melted and slightly cooled chocolate onto parchment paper and transfer immediately to the freezer. Top your dessert with the hardened chocolate design for an elegant finishing touch. You can achieve this effect with a letter, too!

Taco Stand

A favorite! Slice a lime in half lengthwise. Cut a V out of the top of the lime, deep enough so the taco has a place to stand. Serve alongside dressing and a mini salad.

Dessert Letters

Prepare these letters in advance of a simchah! The “K” pictured is made out of fruit leather, and held upright with toothpicks.

Sorbet Cylinders

Fresh is best! Scoop out three sorbet balls in three different colors. Lower them one at a time into a cylinder-shaped glass, alternating with diced fruit. Repeat for the remaining two sorbet balls. The diced fruit will fall, creating a natural look.

Gefilte Fish Skewers

Place small balls of gefilte fish on a skewer, alternating with cooked carrots. Drizzle dressing around the skewer and dot the dressing with small pieces of colored pepper.

(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 760)

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