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Passing It On

Teens around the world share the best advice they’ve ever received

There are stages in life that make us think that things would be a whole lot easier if they came with an instruction manual. Teenagerhood is one of them. The few years of teenagerhood are not only defined by growth and development but also by decision-making, forging friendships, studying and schooling, and emotional rollercoasters.

The transition from carefree child to overloaded teenager is practically instantaneous, and a girl can’t help feeling confused, lost, and overwhelmed. We seek out advice as little umbrellas for life’s storms, and when we find the right ones, we hold onto them for as long as we can.

Teens around the world share the best advice they’ve ever received…and pass it on to you in the hopes that it can help you as much as it helped them.


I can do it

One day I was studying for a final and stressing out. I asked some friends if they had any advice for me so that I won’t stress so much, and one girl told me, “Whenever you stress for a test, exam, or final, tell yourself,  ‘I know it, I can do it!’ And as for learning, start early if you know it’s a lot of material.”



Be nice

“You don’t lose out by being nice.”  People think they have to be snobby or cool to make friends and gain respect, but it’s actually the opposite.


Giving advice

My dad always says that good advice is measured by the receiver. So before saying something to someone because you want to give them good advice, try thinking about how the receiver will take it.



Good tenants

Don’t let people live in your brain rent-free, unless they’re a good tenant. I had an unpleasant situation with someone and was busy fretting, thinking, and breathing about it.  Thoughts — some mightily unpleasant — about her kept creeping up. Then a friend of mine told me, “She doesn’t deserve to live in your brain rent-free! Only good tenants — like me — get to!”



Stop playing

When I was obsessing over appearances and grappling with jealously, my older sister told me, “You’ll never win the game; the only way out is to stop playing.” It changed my life.




The best advice I ever got was when I kept on running after a girl, and she didn’t like it, so I thought she wasn’t interested in me. When I talked about it with my mother, she said, ‘‘You have to let her run after you.” Now we’re best friends!




“Your parents are your biggest supporters; no one will care for you like they do.” My teacher told me this, and it really helped me during school politics.



Good friends

Be the friend you want to have. Give your friendships the qualities you look for in a friend. Best advice given to me by my counselor, and I really hold to it.




I used to get really intimidated before approaching a group. And then my aunt told me, “No one’s thinking about you; they’re thinking about their own insecurities.”

T. P.



High school is only four years in an entire lifetime. Don’t let it define you. I’m in 12th grade now, and it’s that knowledge that has helped me through.

P. T.


Own you

Don’t live someone else’s experiences. Don’t try to copy the life your sister or friend had. Set out on your own path, and have your own year.



Life experience

School doesn’t have to be about learning subjects; it can just be about gaining life experience and life tools.



Worst-case scenario

Whenever you’re faced with something stressful, think to yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” At the end of the day, if you don’t manage to give in your homework on time, then what’s the worst? You’ll get detention. So what? You’ll survive! Don’t stress!



(Originally featured in Cozey, Issue 996)

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