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Learning in style

So who are the five little mentchies living inside everyone’s brains?

Ever been stuck in class with your fingers tapping an endless staccato of boredom, wondering how yesterday’s lesson was so interesting, but today’s just can’t end fast enough? You’re not alone! Psychologists through history have tried to understand this exact problem. It turns out that every brain learns differently. We each have different modes of learning that engage us the most. There is a great debate about how many learning styles there are, ranging from 4 to 170! But many agree that there are five main learning styles that everyone utilizes, and one that a person favors most.

So who are the five little mentchies living inside everyone’s brains?

Let me introduce the cast!

Read and Write Learner

Oh! Hey! I’m Read and Write Lerner, and I love words! Give me rhymes, vocabulary, group discussions, and I’m there! Books and articles are what help me best understand, and my favorite assignment? That’s easy! Essays. Was that good?

Social Learner

Perfect! You did a fantastic job! As I like to say: Together, we thrive!

I’m Social Learner, and I love collaboration. Any learning challenge can be conquered as a team! Why would I study alone when I could learn with friends? Whether it’s group projects, study sessions, or lively discussions, I thrive in the company of others.

Visual Learner

Hey! I’m Visual Learner, and my job is to show you how to paint your path to knowledge. When it comes to learning, my strength is in what I see. Pictures, diagrams, charts — they’re my best friends. Need to understand the human anatomy? Let’s sketch it out! Math? We’re sketching apples and adding them to buckets. Anything visual, you name it — I envision it!

Solo Learner

And then there’s me, his totally opposite twin brother, Solo Learner. I love being alone. Was it hard growing up? Yes, but then I learned about individual work and solitary studying. I never did so well.

Naturalistic Learner

Beautifully said, but why confine learning to four walls when there’s an entire world outside? Whether it’s studying nature, learning outside, or simply taking a nature walk, I, as Naturalistic Learner, find inspiration in the great outdoors!


So, that’s the cast! Which learning method resonates with you the most? Whether you’re a visual, auditory, or a kinesthetic learner, remember that your unique learning style is how you learn best. So the next time you’re bored at school, you know which one of us to whip out.


(Originally featured in Treeo, Issue 1013)

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