Magazine Feature
In Rabbi Shimon Axel Wahnish, Argentinean president Javier Milei found a mentor — and the perfect ambassador to Israel

By Yaakov Lipszyc

Magazine Feature
The terror and carnage of October 7 couldn’t stop United Hatzalah’s volunteers from heading into the war zone

By Rabbi Nachman Seltzer

Business Casual
“It’s a constant effort to ensure that my phone is used only as a business tool”

By Sarah Massry

Job Search
Financial advisors help clients manage their money and identify and achieve their financial goals

By Gila Arnold

Halls of Power
Six ways for Donald Trump to amp up his campaign 

By Maury Litwack

Knesset Channel
If the IDF fights on, where are the jets?

By Avi Blum, ESQ

The Current
Now that Israel has identified the problem, what will it do to ensure the weapons valve stays shut?

By Aharon Glickson

The Current
A haunting exhibit in the east of the capital educates British politicians and journalists about the horrors that the October 7th captives endure in Hamas’s tunnels

By James J. Marlow

The Rose Report
A second Trump term would meet a new world

By Binyamin Rose

Double Take
He discovered me and launched my music career — but now I’m ready to move on

By Rochel Samet

She blinked in shock as she tried to remember the last time Akiva’s mother had visited them, and drew up blank

By Ariella Schiller

What drives so many of our brethren who dwell in Artzeinu Hakedoshah to advocate for aliyah at every opportunity?

By Rabbi Henoch Plotnik

On your Mark
Chana Falk founded and runs Keren Ohr, an oasis for couples suffering from infertility

By Libby Livshin

War Diaries
When my phone rings at odd hours, like 7 a.m., my heartbeat takes off

By Sara Bonchek