Magazine Feature
Both were riding to stardom in their day — Avi with his piano and flute, and Barak with his electric guitar — when they turned their lives around and found Torah and chassidus.

By Chananel Shapiro

Magazine Feature
Rabbi Refoel Wolf Shares His Privileged View of Rav Shach

By Chaim Hager

Magazine Feature
When, How, and Where Must We Demand Proof of Jewish Identity?

By Yosef Herz

Magazine Feature
Genealogist Eric Feinstein’s meticulous sleuthing and a never-give-up attitude has uncovered family connections his clients didn’t even know existed

By Baila Rosenbaum

In the Numbers
Special Project Countdown Eight Accounts for Eight Nights

By Mishpacha Contributors

In the Numbers

By Alexandra Fleksher

In the Numbers
“He said you will definitely have two children, maybe even three.”

By Rabbi Akiva Fox

In the Numbers

By Boaz Bachrach

Family First Inbox
An innocent young girl’s life was put through the wringer because he hadn’t been helped before.

By Family First Readers

In my opinion, the future of the Jewish People will be played out in Israel.

By Yonoson Rosenblum

I’m wicked, but I want to sleep. Be quiet, baby

By Shaindy Lehman

The Moment
His mother suggested maybe he’d be happier buying a toy, but the boy insisted.

By Mishpacha Staff

Family First Feature
“There are also those who keep secrets simply because they never learned how to share and communicate”

By Tamar Aboudi

Behind the Book
“Worry less. Somehow, Hashem makes sure that things work out. Trust the process — Hashem’s process.”

By Riki Goldstein