5 out of 10
The modern-day challenge of updating the shidduch résumé

By Dovid Bashevkin

Mendy Klein a”h was the best kept secret in Klal Yisrael

By Shlomo Werdiger

The Rose Report
Bibi still sitting pretty as Knesset heads home

By Binyamin Rose

Eye on Europe
Is Trump correct that the US is paying in more than it gets out?

By Gedalia Guttentag

Off the Couch
I was shocked to see the same Yid who’d stolen my taxi

By Jacob L. Freedman MD

Shul with a View
“He’s my father! How on earth could you know that?!”

By Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman

“My son is deaf. You sang to give chizuk to me”

By Riki Goldstein

“I’ve developed a sort of voice warming-up ritual”

By Riki Goldstein

Map the Starlight
Why do maps fascinate me? Partly because I love fault lines. The border between doubt and certainty. The place between choice, faith, passivity, and acceptance

By Leah Gebber

Family Tempo
“Well, right now my job is to smile. Smiling like that for so long isn’t normal! When my shift is over my face hurts”

By Rachael Lavon

Magazine Feature
Chani Schwarcz, a social worker at New York’s infamous Riker’s Island, can see beyond the prison walls, beyond the walls erected internally, to the spark of goodness within

By Malkie Schulman

Magazine Feature
How do you know where it’s smart to cut costs, and where it’s wise to spend on top quality? Here, our room-to-room guide for smart spending on your renovation

By Yael Wiesner

Normal Like Me
“He’s religious. He eats only kosher food. Wait, I’ll call Itzik and ask him what we can feed this doctor”

By Ruti Kepler

Shared Space
As Aryeh came to pull him into a little circle with the other sons and sons-in-law, Kivi straightened his shoulders and joined, one of the Halb boys

By Dov Haller