Magazine Feature
Singing for a people in pain, Yaakov Shwekey got more than he gave

By Yaakov Shwekey

Magazine Feature
The former jailer of Hamas's masterminds unveils a portrait of evil

By David Glickson

Magazine Feature
30 years later, Rav Simcha Wasserman's legacy endures 

By Eytan Kobre

The Beat
Hunting Hamas

By Gedalia Guttentag

Rose Report
Democrats beware — Centrists support Israel 

By Binyamin Rose

Knesset Channel
Faith in Israel’s political leadership is flagging. Emunah in our Father in Heaven, on the other hand, is holding up fine

By Avi Blum, ESQ

The Current
UAV’S play an ever-expanding role in Israel’s fight against Hamas

By Kobi Bornstein

Metro & Beyond
Avi Schnall won, but the ultimate victor was the Ihr HaTorah’s obedience to daas Torah

By Yosef Herz

Having a yetzer hara isn’t a disgrace; it’s a sign that Hashem wants our efforts in our avodas Hashem

By Faigy Peritzman

Here are some delicious and easy supper ideas that are sure to keep your family and your bank account full

By Elisheva Frankel

Treeo Feature

By Shoshana Gross

Halls of Power
After the DC rally, what’s next?

By Maury Litwack

Nellie is always busy, always distracted. She’ll come up with a billion new things to do rather than stick with one thing for more than a day

By Bashie Lisker

In Sights
Mortified, I realized I had recorded this entire, very personal conversation

By Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginzberg