Jr. Feature
There are so many mitzvos, we can’t possibly work on everything at once. The idea is to pick one small area to improve in

By Penina Steinbruch

Teen Diary Serial
And then she told me something that was so amazing. She said to me, “Do you know that you are allowed to speak up for yourself?”

By Miriam Ribiat

In the Spirit
Yom Tov trivia

By Chaya Rosen

Funny, she hadn’t expected Tova to be a coach for the youngest group

By Rochel Samet

Story Time
“’If you agree to join my men in battle and fight side by side with us, I will allow you to return to the land of your people and rebuild your temple'

By Y. Bromberg

Building Dreams
I knew Mama was right. A Seder without Papa? What would that even look like?

By Malka Grunhaus

Ask Rabbi Greenwald
“We need to provide some kind of framework for the many who cannot just fit into the mainstream system”

By Rabbi Zecharya Greenwald

Family First Serial
Did this explain things? The way she just said yes, and didn’t think it through for a second, until she was here crying in a corner?

By Esther Kurtz

Magazine Feature
 Rav Reuven Elbaz sounds the call of teshuvah. A conversation of love and light 

By Eliezer Shulman and Gedalia Guttentag

The Moment
We are ma’aminim bnei ma’aminim, and we know that it’s really Hashem Who pulls the strings

By Avraham Fixler

I was desperate for relief, desperate for comfort, desperate for so many things only He could give me. I decided to give the alos thing a try

By Libby Schreiber

Magazine Feature
Jonathan Pollard and his fiancée, Rivka Abrahams Dunin, have more in common than meets the eye

By Binyamin Rose