Story Time
“Now I’m less of a fool. I suspect foul play. Maybe you’re working with Achmed, luring me out into the open to kill me and take my carpets”

By Y. Bromberg

Double Dance
She didn’t want to consider her stepmother’s feelings. She was too busy dealing with her own

By Bracha Rosman

Out of Step
My mind flits to my exercise regime, but I ignore it. I’m tired and I deserve a treat, because, well, because I just do

By Ariella Schiller

My poor arm. I want to cry when the nurse appears to do more bloodwork

By Rochel Samet

True Account
Sgt. Yosef Cohen Hy”d paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of Am Yisrael, but sent a message of hope from Above to his grieving family

By C.S. Teitelbaum

Family First Feature
At what point do we accept the grim reality? Insight and guidance on how to respond to “worst-case scenario” situations

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

Family Tempo
She’d ripped away the illusion that I was an innocent victim of fate, that some people were popular and others weren’t

By Batya Zuckerman

Rocking Horse
Maybe it was easier to miss her when she was gone, than live with her. Maybe he is ashamed of his shtetl wife

By Leah Gebber

The severity of denying the community positive influences

By Faigy Peritzman

Words Unspoken
I cried for hours, texted you mazel tov so I shouldn’t get into trouble, and cried some more

By Anonymous