Here are some delicious and easy supper ideas that are sure to keep your family and your bank account full

By Elisheva Frankel

Acknowledging the limits of hasbarah, easing up on the desperation and our quest to convince the moral-equivalencers

By Aron Yitzchok Grossman

Family First Inbox
“Let’s be gentle with one another. Everyone else is attacking us. We don’t need to attack each other”

By Family First Readers

War Diaries
“If it’s a mitzvah to build a succah,” he asks, “then why didn’t Hashem stop the wind from knocking it down?”

By Shalva Muschel

A Plea for Single People to Reclaim Their Agency

By Esther Shemtov

Magazine Feature
The former jailer of Hamas's masterminds unveils a portrait of evil

By David Glickson


By Sarah Moses Spero