Family Reflections
Once excluded, always excluded?

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

The Gatekeeper's Daughter
“Home?” Laima doesn’t mean to taunt, but the way she says it makes Daina flinch

By Esther Teichtal

The first Gemara lesson: you can’t say whatever you want

By Yonoson Rosenblum

Magazine Feature
For many, they’re just another part of the scenery, but behind every clanging cup is a person who has, for whatever reason, taken to the streets to beg

By Hadas Afik and Mishpacha Staff

Don’t book your Pesach hotel without this checklist

By Rabbi Sholem Fishbane

Shared Space
This way, she thought, it wasn’t like she was going behind Kivi’s back. This wasn’t a business decision, and she wasn’t coming to cry to her brother for help

By Dov Haller

True Account
One little lie, an ocean of hurt, and years of yearning

By Sharon Gelbach

Global View
In the future, when the world has righted itself, I believe we will regard this kind of elective, late-term abortion as we now regard child sacrifice

By Gershon Burstyn