Bricks and Ladders
I nod emphatically, but something is niggling at me. Don’t my besties — Tamara, Rikki, Tiffy, and Bina — all have the same “attitude problem”?

By Ariella Schiller

Teen Fiction
“I hate pencils. The point is too thin. My emotions are way too big to be constricted to one tiny point. Can’t I just use a paintbrush?”

By Chevy Kepecs

Of the five languages, quality time stands out as being a bit more subtle than the others. Quality time is sometimes called “presence” or “being present”

By Devora Zheutlin, MA, CAS

Movin on Up
I don’t want to be just any principal, I want to be like Mrs. Freedman

By Shaina Keren

I remember thinking to myself that if my mother had a baby with Down syndrome, I wouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed

By Leah Greenburg

Magazine Feature
Here’s a cheat sheet to help you do your very best on tests. What could be better than tips and tricks from those in the trenches?

By Ahuva Sofer