Family First Feature
Letters from parents, teachers, and students as they reflect upon school years past and share their dreams for the one that’s starting

By Family First Contributors

Family First Feature
Food was my life — until I tasted true freedom

By Miriam Bloch

Family First Inbox
“Penny-pinching is a personality trait. It masquerades as principled and frugal. But it has little to do with the economic resources available”

By Family First Readers

A Better You
If last year’s homework situation in your home could best be described as tense, stressful, or excruciating, don’t despair

By Family First Contributors

Family Tempo
I run a hand over my face. I’m too old for this. I’m too tired for this. I’m too Lanni-phobic for this

By Ariella Schiller

An SUV plowed into the trunk with a crunch that seemed, at the same time, to shake my ivory tower to its foundations

By Esther Shemtov

Family First Serial
“It’s a great opportunity, Abe. We’ll build something really important together. Think about it and get back to me”

By Miriam Zakon

Family First Serial
It would be the ultimate proof that Dini had no concept of how regular people lived

By Gila Arnold

The Current
Does one crime family in Israel, with ties to Hezbollah, pose a national security threat?  

By Kobi Bornstein

“It is important that a child knows it is normal and human to make mistakes and to support them to learn how to clear up the mess”

By Mishpacha Readers

Is there a rebbi or morah who gave you the lesson of a lifetime? Readers share those life-altering interactions

By Mishpacha Readers

“The rules have now changed, haven’t they? We can no longer purchase gyms or gift all the staff members with gift cards before Yom Tov”

By Ariella Schiller

The question Klal Yisrael should be asking itself is: Are we truly ready for the avodah of the month of Elul?

By Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginzberg

On Rosh Hashanah, we ask Hashem for salvation, not for our own sake, but for the sake of His honor in the world

By Faigy Peritzman