Personal Accounts
One small act, but it didn’t wither or fade. It took root and flourished, sprouting blossoms of its own. 15 readers share acts of giving

By Mishpacha Readers

On Topic
Do your kids start muttering about Cinderella every time you ask them to clean up? How to get your crew to pick up a broom and pitch in

By Ariella Schiller

She handed me a book, saying brightly, “This might be super-duper helpful for you in helping you understand your son better.” Super-duper? Are you 12?!

By F.P. Liebesohn

While this was normal for Heshy, it was really insanely abnormal. Who got home from work at ten thirty at night on a regular basis?

By Gila Arnold

Vasara clenches her teeth. She has not yet managed to wangle a smartphone, and calling her daughter on a public payphone is a headache

By Esther Teichtal

“Who cares, do you see me complaining? If I need supper I can cook or buy it, too. I’m a big boy”

By Esther Kurtz

A final pin inserted in my balloon, and I am falling, completely deflated. Is my wish for a thriving business nothing but a pipe dream?

By Elana Rothberg

“And Moshe took the bones of Yosef with him…” (Shemos 13:19).

By Faigy Peritzman

Bentzi and the Mystery in the Museum
“Wait.” Daddy stopped him. “You have to get permission from all the neighbors, this room belongs to them all”

By Shifra Glick

Win or Lose
What he’s saying sounds interesting, Yitzi thought. Maybe if I try really hard I can pay attention for at least a few minutes

By Chaim Finkelstein

Story Time
Max stepped forward and held out his arms to hug Meir. A huge golden cross dangled from a chain around his neck

By Yehuda Bromberg

Jr. Tales
If I weren’t so scared I would try to make friends with Shaindy Gellman. I looked down at my paper, horrified, and crossed the words out

By Chani Muller

Who cared who the second guest was? Moishy was sure the party was going to be a disaster with Mr. Krankowitz participating

By R. Atkins

Picking fruit from a few trees is fun. But what if you owned an entire orchard of fruit trees? How do farmers harvest their fruit?

By Sivi Sekula