“You need to choose to fight this monster or he’ll get the better of you. You can live a happy life, you can break free of this. The first step is to want to get better.”

By Michal Marcus

“I’m not going to be riding horses anymore. And I couldn’t find a way to tell you, so I didn’t. But seeing as you’re here anyway, coming to tell me about other bad choices I’m mak ...

By Rachel Newton

“It’s your job, to make her smile, to bring her happiness, and a girl like this, she can use it. You’ll know what you have to do. It’s not as easy as you think, but it’s also not ...

By Dov Haller

What does that feel like, to be at peace with your lot in life, even if that lot is standing at the corner of Kikar Shabbos and Malchei Yisrael on a cool Jerusalem morning, annoyi ...

By Ariella Schiller

Now Jacob’s pathetic cries were a mockery, and I trembled, my knees pulled tight up to my chin. I could not, would not hold him in my arms and watch him slip away. Not again

By Perl Weisz

Sometimes you need to play nice, and dumb, and keep your insights to yourself. Sometimes you walk away even when you probably should stay. And you never tell people the answer — t ...

By Esther Kurtz

It was different before the birth, what did he have then? Grainy images, a sound like a horse or a train that they said was a heartbeat, a baby that seemed all Denya’s — and now t ...

By Rivka Streicher

Wrinkles are an honor when grandchildren count them. He has his four grandchildren from his son Meir. I, as he’s well aware, am a bubby to no one.

By Esty Heller

“Just go shopping,” my husband said. He’s a good man, and he usually gets it. That day, he did not

By Esther Kurtz

The maestros who’ve adopted the new entertainment genre say the energy and sheer joy created in these concerts of unity are their greatest reward

By Riki Goldstein

Teen Fiction
I wished the plans to have everybody together could have excluded Avi and Dina. Whenever Dina was around she somehow managed to take all the fizzle out of the fun

By Malky Cope

It's the small acts that make big people

By Rabbi Menachem Nissel

Your easy and grand achievements are worthy, but your chiyus comes from the areas that you bleed for

By Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky

Jr. Feature
Have you ever lost anything? I don’t know about you, but to me it is the most unsettling feeling. Do you promise money to Rabi Meir Baal Haneis or say Amar Rebbi Binyamin? Let’s h ...

By Margie Pensak