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Dressed for Success

With his thick European accent and formal presence — precision-cut three-piece suit tie and cufflinks — this friendly octogenarian could be someone you meet at a family simchah; but Mr. Martin Greenfield will more likely be found attending to the needs of presidents media stars and fashion designers. His company Martin Greenfield Clothiers is legendary for producing high-quality hand-tailored suits for the world’s most powerful and influential men. Born Maxmillian (Moshe) Grunfeld in the small town of Pavlova Czechoslovakia survivor of Auschwitz and Buchenwald dresser of America’s VIPs Martin Greenfield’s life has been a roller-coaster ride of tragedy loss salvation and blessing. His newly published memoir Measure of a Man is an opportunity to travel back with him and share both his progress and his pain — and the adventure hasn’t been lost on the wider public. His story has appeared in major national publications and electronic media and that’s just fine with Greenfield a classic American success story whose love for the US has not diminished over the years. “I actually wrote the book in order to acknowledge the second half of my life ” Mr. Greenfield tells Mishpacha. “It’s amazing how anyone can come to America without a penny in his pocket and can accomplish what I did. I went to a high school and learned English — how to read and write. Now everything that I would read about America can be said about me. I met people and I worked hard. That was my education.”
(Excerpted from Mishpacha Issue 555)


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