Machla Abramovitz

Machla Abramovitz

Machla was born in Toronto, Canada. After graduating from Bais Yaakov, she studied at Sara Schneirer Seminary in Boro Park, and has continued studying Torah since. After marrying her husband Rabbi Baruch Abramovitz, she moved to Montreal, where she lives today.  Machla has 1 son, Zechariah Elkanah who never ceases to amaze and teach her about one’s ability to make dreams come through.

A voracious reader, Machla has a master’s degree in English Literature from Concordia University, as well as a Master’s in Library Science from McGill University. Politics was a subject that was constantly discussed in her home while growing up.

As the Publications Manager for the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research, a pro-Israel think tank, she has had the privilege of meeting political personalities of all stripes, many of whom she interviews for Mishpacha.

Her interests lie beyond politics, though.  Machla is attracted to Jewish mysticism, psychology, the supernatural and natural worlds, as well as the challenges of the human spirit, all of which she has written about in articles and in books.

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