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Booklists: Issue 880

"Is there a peirush on Chumash you consider indispensable when learning the weekly parshah?"

With the new journey through Chumash beginning and the long Friday nights soon arriving, we asked prominent marbitzei Torah: Is there a peirush on Chumash — perhaps even a lesser-known sefer — that you consider indispensable or especially valuable when learning the weekly parshah?


“I don’t know how lesser known it is, but Sam Derech by Rav Simcha Zissel Broide ztz”l, Chevron rosh yeshivah, is one that I find indispensable.”

—Rabbi Yissoscher Frand


“It’s actually the opposite of lesser known, but maybe less appreciated? Rashi HaKadosh is Rabban Shel Yisrael, and Chumash/Rashi is what the Jewish people — m’katan v’ad gadol and all of us in between — are learning. To paraphrase the great Rav Shlomo Freifeld ztz”l, there is nothing quite as Jewish as Chumash with Rashi for Shabbos!”

—Rabbi Judah Mischel


“Menachem Zion, by Rav Menachem Ben Zion Sacks, the son-in-law of Rav Tzvi Pesach Frank. He was a rav in Chicago who had come from the world of Yerushalayim Shel Ma’alah. He had learned from its gedolim and imbibed its atmosphere, and he was able to make both so relevant to America and the world we know.”

—Rabbi Efrem Goldberg


(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 880)

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