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Your Succah Made Special

We love a few small projects that add a little something special without overextending yourself. Oftentimes it’s just those little touches that elevate the ordinary, and they’re made all the more precious if you spend time adding those special extras with the people you love.

Text and styling by Esther Ottensoser
Photography by Felicia Perretti

Birds on Branches

I got this simple and adorable idea from my friend Rochie from Arbii Label — everything she touches is gorgeous and magical.

You will need:
  • branch
  • fake birds (available in craft stores)
  • baby’s breath
  • raffia
  • twine

Attach twine to either side of the branch, doubling it over and tying it tightly so the branch can be hung from the sechach.

Glue birds onto the branch.

Using the raffia, tie the baby’s breath to one end of the branch.

Flavors Squared

Here’s a pretty way to serve simple sheet cakes to your Succos company. Add flavoring, food coloring, and toppings to create an elegant look.

You will need:
  • your favorite chocolate and vanilla cake
  • for pistachio: store-bought imitation pistachio and a drop of brown food coloring added to vanilla frosting, topped with pistachios
  • for lemon: lemon cream, dehydrated lemons
  • for strawberry: strawberry frosting, dried strawberries
  • for chocolate: chocolate frosting, chocolate leaves

Bake your cakes in 9x13-inch pans and cut into squares, or bake in square cupcake holders.

Decorate as desired, using frosting with coordinating garnishes.

Arrange in rows on a square serving dish.

Tip: For the pistachio, I used a store-bought vanilla frosting and just added the flavoring and food coloring. For the strawberry and lemon, I added food coloring and flavoring.


(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 812)

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