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Shabbos Chanukah in Class

Text and styling by Malky Gestetner
Photography by Devorah Zauderer

When it comes to Chanukah, warmth and tradition are often what come to mind. Outside it’s cold and wintery, and that allows for the indoors to become the place where we want to be, surrounded by our family and friends, celebrating eternal traditions together.

Timeless and Authentic

To achieve the timeless effect, the windows and dreidels are all finished with the same walnut wood stain. The chargers, candlesticks, and vases are stainless steel, giving a silvery feel. The cutlery and larger candlesticks are silver, but you can use what you have.

Adding Depth

When creating a traditional design, it’s important to include some current elements. Adding touches of red gives this tablescape an updated feel. Another area where I created contrast is the hand-painted place cards and party favors. Small personalizations add intimacy and depth to the clean, classy look.

Classic Warmth

I wanted to bring an authentic Chanukah experience to this table. The windows represent the windows where we light the menorah, and of course the array of glowing candles signifies the light of Chanukah. The classic color palette of stark white and crisp navy with elements of wood and silver hints at years gone by.


Tablecloth courtesy of Steinmetz Tablecloths, 845-354-0486

Candlesticks, chargers, party favors, and vases available on Amazon.com

Malky Gestetner is an interior designer in Monsey, NY.

Devorah Zauderer is a professional family and newborn photographer in Monsey, NY, www.devorahzauderer.com.


(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 822)

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