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School Daze: Third Grade 

I think what Yael and those girls did was so bad and so mean that even Mommy got angry


As told to Perel Stone

I was crying so hard when I came to Mommy’s car, she couldn’t even understand what I was saying.

When I was leaving school today, Yael grabbed my knapsack from me and told other girls to stop me from leaving the classroom. Yael opened my knapsack and started throwing all my stuff to other girls. I had to pick up my little sister from gan and was afraid I’d be late, but girls were leaning against the door, and I couldn’t get it open.

Finally, the girls got tired of their game and ran home. I gathered my stuff, put everything back in my bag, and ran out of the classroom. The school was already empty, but I saw a teacher and tried to tell her what happened;  she told me I should tell my own teacher. I told her my teacher left already, but she didn’t care and just told me to wait until I could tell my teacher.

I was trying so, so hard not to cry in front of the girls in school, but when I saw Mommy, I couldn’t help it. When Mommy finally understood what I was saying she got so, so mad! Mommy never gets mad when I tell her what happened in school. If girls aren’t nice to me, she sometimes calls the teacher to tell her. She tells me not to worry, we’re going to take care of it. She doesn’t get upset.

I think what Yael and those girls did was so bad and so mean that even Mommy got angry. Usually, when girls are mean to me, Mommy is more careful to work on being organized with me. But today she didn’t say a word about organizing.

It’s a shame Vori left school before Yael took my knapsack. She wouldn’t have let those girls hurt me. Sometimes girls are nice to me and I have friends and sometimes not so much. Girls are never nice to Vori — but she doesn’t care — she’ll be mean right back. Mommy doesn’t like when I’m friends with Vori because she does naughty stuff and gets in trouble in school.

My teacher once had a meeting with Mommy, and she told Mommy that it’s not good for me to be friends with Vori. Mommy likes when I play with Adina and Malky and Rut. I also like to play with them. We have a lot of fun together, but no matter how much fun I have with them in their house or my house, in school they act like we’re not friends. I think they’re afraid that Yael won’t like it when she sees them being friends with me.

Wednesday, February 10

Yael told me she was sorry today. I think Mommy called the teacher last night and she got in trouble.

Avigayil told me I should come and play at her house today, but when I called her house, her Mommy told me that she went to play with Adina. I was so disappointed. This time, Mommy didn’t get mad. She just told me I should call Adina and ask if I can come too. I did and had a great time.

Thursday, February 11

Mrs. Rokach changed our seats today. I’m sitting next to Tamar — who is one of the most popular girls in the class, even more popular than Yael — probably because she’s much nicer. I said hello to Tamar and she didn’t even notice! To girls like Tamar, it’s like I’m air! I don’t even exist.

When Vori showed me what she had in her knapsack and asked if I wanted to join her at recess, I went.


(Originally featured in Mishpacha Jr., Issue 915)

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