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School Daze: Second Grade   

I told her I don’t like stickers anymore and went to my room


As told to Perel Stone

Tuesday November 4

I can’t believe it!

I waited so long, and today I finally brought my sticker album to school. I was so excited; I whispered to Chana, who sits next to me, to look. I held it under the desk where Mrs. Malinowitz couldn’t see and showed Chana my stickers. Chana said everyone would be so excited to see them and I could probably get a lot of nice stickers for just one of the water-filled ones.

But then Mrs. Malinowitz saw us talking and came to see what we were doing, and took away my sticker album! I had to try really hard not to cry. I sat on the edge of the playground at recess and watched all the girls trading stickers. I had spent so long imagining what it would be like to be one of them! I made sure to look like I didn’t care. I hoped no one could tell that the tears were almost leaking out — then it would be awful and embarrassing. This is the worst day of my entire life!

When I came home, Mommy asked me if I wanted to show her my knapsack and get another sticker.

I told her I don’t like stickers anymore and went to my room.

Mommy came in and asked me what happened. I told her everything. She told me not to worry — I should promise Mrs. Malinowiz that I won’t take them out in class again and ask for my stickers back. Then I can enjoy trading them at recess just like I wanted to.

Working on being organized makes me feel a little bit bad and also a little bit good. I don’t think other girls have to remind themselves to put things where they go or keep their ponytail neat — they just do it automatically (automatically means without even thinking about it, it happens by itself. That’s one of the words Mrs. Schwartz said most girls my age don’t know). So, it makes me feel bad to be different and have to work on something that is easy for girls my age.

But it also makes me feel good — not only because I get stickers, but also because I feel like I’m getting better at organization.

Whenever I feel bad that I’m not so organized — I look at this beautiful diary that I’m writing in right now that Mrs. Schwartz gave me because she thinks I’m special and smart. And then I feel better.

I think it’s funny how feeling bad or good can change so fast. Yesterday, I felt SO good thinking about showing my stickers to my friends. Then today when Mrs. Malinowitz took them away, I felt SO bad. And now I’m somewhere in the middle — sad that I don’t have my stickers, but happy thinking that I can trade them tomorrow.

Friday November 7

I went to Mrs. Malinowitz on Wednesday and said I was sorry I looked at the stickers in class and could I please have them back if I promise not to do it again. She said I could have them back, but she forgot them at home. She forgot them at home yesterday and today also. She said she was sorry, but didn’t look sorry at all. I’m never, ever gonna forgive her. I bet she’d never give me a special book like Mrs. Schwartz did.

Nothing ever works for me. I should tell Mommy that we can stop working on being organized. I’ve been trying so hard and it’s still not working. I’m never going to get it right.



(Originally featured in Mishpacha Jr., Issue 914)

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