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Mountain of Miracles

Two soldiers spotted the lone boy and knelt down beside him, shielding him from danger

A photo went viral last week that reminded us, at a time when we are enduring furious attacks, of our nation’s essential unity. The backstory is this.

The Dedon family was driving in Rechovot when they heard an air-raid siren. They pulled over and leaped out of the car. Mr. and Mrs. Dedon cradled their baby in their arms and went to open the door to let out their son Yair, four. But for some reason, the door jammed. The panicked mother began yanking the door’s handle as the sirens wailed. Finally, the door flew open and a terrified Yair ran for cover, away from his family, ducking down alone. But just for a moment. Two soldiers spotted the lone boy and knelt down beside him, shielding him from danger.

The photo’s backstory carries an uncanny echo of a Gemara in Shabbos (89a) that discusses the inner meaning of the name Har Sinai. Rav Kahana says the word Sinai shares letters with the word nissim, and refers to the miracles that occurred on the mountain. The Gemara then cites an opinion that Sinai shares letters with the word siman and alludes to the siman tov presented by Har Sinai. Then the Gemara brings the interpretation of Rav Huna and Rabba bar Rav Chisda that the word Sinai is derived from sinah, “hatred,” for when the Torah was given, hatred toward the Jewish People descended upon the nations of the world.

This photo, taken just two weeks before Shavuos, encapsulates these three references. Miracles, together with a divine siman tov, rained down from the heavens, even as rockets of hatred rained down as well.

May we merit this Shavuos to see true miracles and the ultimate siman tov with the coming of Mashiach.


(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 962)

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