Michoel Schnitzler Still Sings the Oldies

"The hottest dance song this season is definitely “Ve’ahavtu ” followed by “Yoimom ” and they’re both Meilech Kohn’s. But people are starting to realize that the old songs had a certain uniquely leibedig appeal that they also want. Many times in recent months people have requested the vintage lively MBD and Avraham Fried or even Carlebach songs. I find myself singing ‘Kol hator nishma be’artzeinu’ and ‘He’ovar ayin vehe’osid adayin’ (from MBD’s ‘Kol Dodi’ and ‘Daagah Minayin’) — it’s interesting how those songs are now coming back.”

(Originally featured in Mishpacha Issue 686)

Daaga Minyanin
Mordechai Ben David
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