A Healthier You
Everyone knows poison ivy is a plant you don’t want to mess with

By Chaya Rosen

Teen Feature
An introvert has a harder time putting themselves “out there’ and often feels like an “outsider” in social situations

By Beth Firestone

I found myself with a weird and wacky desire to misbehave. Things only went downhill from there

By Devorah Grant

Nourish to Flourish
"The last week, already? But we never even spoke about food and nutrition!"

By Bracha Kopstick

Take 2
We all have free will and the ability to maximize and actually increase our strengths, gifts, and intelligence

By Mindy Rosenthal M.S., BCBA/LBA

From A to Z
They want to put me in therapy. The school wants me to see their social worker. They think I am depressed

By Shira Gold

Teen Fiction
“Baruch Hashem, but Tammy seems to be drifting in a different direction. I’m worried,” said Mom sadly

By Chavi Brody

Follow Me
That afternoon, when she had to part from Zissi, Malkie, and Motti, her pep-talk blew up in her face

By Esty Heller

Shul with a View
"I want you to raise your hand, and I will call on you"

By Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman

In Modim, we bow in thanksgiving for all the good Hashem continuously does for us

By Faigy Peritzman

The gadol advised us not to do the story. He knew Cuomo, he knew the price our community could pay

By Shoshana Friedman

Oasis in Time
As we return to the mundane, Havdalah reminds us to differentiate 

By Mrs. Elana Moskowitz

Knowing and Growing
Is there some super zechus that can guarantee our place in the Book of Life?

By Rabbi Reuven Leuchter