Teen Feature
We’d go through anything for each other, but stay out of my business, or else

By Shira Gold

Thus concluded Day One of my Pretend. One phone call, and not much else. It felt disappointing. I was hoping for more

By Devorah Grant

There are lots of misconceptions when it comes to needing extra help in school, but just know that we are not dumb

By Shoshana Itzkowitz

My Lightning Flash
Six women share a moment that illuminated their path

By Mishpacha Contributors

The Moment
I’m not telling you which side I was on, but I remember the moment like it was yesterday: Rather than follow the melamed’s plan, the Rebbe came around to face the boys on the seco ...

By Rav Moshe Aron Hoffman

Family First Feature
Bereft of her husband, children, and wealth, Naomi returned to rebuild a nation

By Gitti Meirovitz

Family Reflections
When we ease the pain of our own hurt, we become more tolerant

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

Second Thoughts
Any such mass tragedy warrants a deep silence

By Rabbi Emanuel Feldman

From My Table
Enough about birds, let’s talk cheesecake! A few tips for your pre- and post-cheesecake disasters

By Chanie Nayman