Inbox Tuesday March 14, 2023

Inbox: Issue 953

“Kudos to Mrs. Zelcer for so eloquently encapsulating the struggle that many of us singles face, and striving to fortify us with chizuk and growth through Penimi”

Open Mic Tuesday December 20, 2022

A Working Model for Paid Shadchanim

How long can anyone keep up such a demanding schedule for almost no monetary compensation before they burn out?

Magazine Feature Tuesday June 27, 2023

Two-Part Harmony 

Veteran badchan Yonasan Schwartz sings for new couples by night and repairs frayed marriages by day

On Topic Wednesday August 14, 2013

From the First Date to the Broken Plate

They get hundreds of calls and e-mails a day, and can’t walk into shul without being approached by desperate parents an ...

The Moment Tuesday February 7, 2023

Happening in… Issue 948

The thread of unity running through both events tell the real story

Inbox Tuesday February 7, 2023

Inbox: Issue 948

“The true goal is not to change your status to a married person. It is to build a healthy, whole bayis ne’eman b’Yisrael”

Off the Couch Monday December 10, 2018

An Honest Shidduch

“I’m just so glad this is behind me, It’s been tough but baruch Hashem I’m cured, and this will be my little secret.”

Risk Factor Wednesday February 5, 2020

Shidduch Crisis

"You cannot believe that your life is worthless because you’re not married”