Beri Weber’s “Rabi Shimon” is a connector no matter where you are on Lag B’omer

By Riki Goldstein

Israel’s first duty to its citizens is survival

By Yonoson Rosenblum

Text Messages
The rising costs of not being needed

By Eytan Kobre

Voice in the Crowd
From our Chol Hamoed trip, I came home with a metaphor

By Yisroel Besser

Reached the peak? Your journey may just be beginning

By Rabbi Aryeh Zev Ginzberg

Coming to the defense of Orthodox women everywhere

By Alexandra Fleksher

5 out of 10
Here are another five that readers found geshmak

By Dovid Bashevkin

Shul with a View
What true respect and honor for your friend means

By Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman

Here’s a fun apple cookie to make for back-to-school (and/or Rosh Hashanah).

By Esther Ottensoser


By Riki Goldstein

Normal Like Me
Nothing hurts like betrayal. No pain is deeper than the pain of disillusionment: seeing your hero unmasked as a dupe, your personal idol shattered into fraudulent bits

By Ruti Kepler

Shared Space
“Oh, I almost forgot.” She looked worried for a moment. “My father called for you. He asked you to call back when you get home”

By Dov Haller

Cut ‘n Paste
A long awkward silence. He sat stoic, silent. I sat stunned. How could this man ever smile again? Even 65 years later?

By Benyomin Wolfson

Shul of My Youth
How does one learn courage and dedication from people who eat treif and can’t read a pasuk of Chumash? The synagogue where I grew up taught me the answer

By Rabbi Ilan Feldman