Point of View
The Big Plan being woven from behind the scenes

By Rabbi Moshe Grylak zt"l

Mesorah Quest
Madagascar, best known for lemurs, chameleons, rain forests, and the baobab tree, is also, according to island legend, one of the points of settlement of the Ten Lost Tribes. We h ...

By Ari Greenspan and Ari Z. Zivotofsky

Jewish Geography
At Historic First Meeting, Words Unspoken Speak Loudest

By Binyamin Rose

Oneg Shabbos
The evil clerk had him over a barrel. Would he cash in his own Shabbos treasure to save the funds of his friends?

By Yeruchem Yitzchak Landesman

Two months before our wedding, I got a call from a woman who introduced herself as a therapist. “I’m seeing your kal ...

By C. Saphir

Summer Job
“Tatty, you don’t realize how amazing it is, not just that you won, but that you won the first inter-camp game in ...

By Dov Haller

Shouldn’t Torah Jews be smarter than this?

By Yonoson Rosenblum

Text Messages
The value of “prudence, principle, and public health”

By Eytan Kobre

Take 5
Neuroscience-Based Executive Coach Helps Leaders Capitalize on Growth

By Shira Isenberg, RD, MPH

Take 5
Neuroscience-Based Executive Coach Helps Leaders Capitalize on Growth

By Yitzchok Saftlas

Personal Accounts
When addiction spins its web around the person you love, you too, are trapped. Five personal accounts of perseverance, sur ...

By Family First Contributors

The night-owl test is looking at the clock at 1:14 a.m. and see if you think, I’ve still got time to clean the ...

By Esther Ilana Rabi

“It’s time for Mommy’s treat,” I say. Because it’s been a long day for me too, and I am such a good mother

By Rivka Levitan

Do we content ourselves with superficiality?

By Rabbi Henoch Plotnik