Jr. Feature
Most periodical cicadas show up every 17 years

By Sandy Eller

“Think over what? This sounds awesome! I’d love to be your assistant coach!” Rafi exclaimed

By Ariella Stern

Portrait of a Family
Even with all the arguing, she thought, the table felt so… friendly. They could say whatever they wanted; the warmth, the love, was still there

By Malka Grunhaus

Bentzi and the Peacock Feathers
“Slow down. Let’s think logically. What exactly is suspicious here? Kids always like to look at animals”

By Shifra Glick

Family Room

By Shiri Feldman

Family Room

By Miri Lichtman

The Current
Whoever heads Israel’s next government will preside over a new Middle East far more dangerous than the one we know and have coped with

By Binyamin Rose

I want to swim — really swim. Laps and laps, shutting out everyone and everything, letting the noise in my head wash away 

By Shoshana Schwartz

Magazine Feature
Mishpacha traveled to the Mexican border to put a human face on the crisis playing out just 500 feet from the US

By Yochonon Donn

Match Quest
The fear of divorce is misplaced. The real fear is that of an unhealthy marriage

By Sara Eisemann