Magazine Feature
When it comes to checking for bugs, we have to take it very, very seriously, and that includes having to check some of our favorite Yom Tov foods

By Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod

Magazine Feature
Here’s a guide to the interesting fruits that might wind up on your table this year

By Sivi Sekula

Story Time
“Yes, we already know you’re the best dancer around,” another person agreed as the crowd murmured their agreement. “We’re tired of trying to out-dance you”

By Yehuda Bromberg

Tears spring to my eyes. What kind of bar mitzvah will I have? I turn away, trying to hide my reaction to the judge’s words

By Tovy Mann

Teen Fiction
Walking home that’s all I could think about. I was so inspired! I, Sara Malka Fried, would not miss this opportunity

By Rachelli Weinstein

Bricks and Ladders
Mommy laughs and then puts her mug down. “So, tell me again, eight other girls really got your backpack just because Tamara complimented you on it?”

By Ariella Schiller

Why isn’t our longing for connection more evident?

By Rebbetzin Suri Gibber

Year in Review
This was the year objectivity vanished, and knee-jerk reactions prevail

By Binyamin Rose

A Few Minutes With
Ben Shapiro updates Mishpacha about the direction his career, the country, and political discourse have taken since we spoke to him last in 2013

By Tzippy Yarom

Year in Review
This was the year of the vanishing middle

By Gedalia Guttentag

Year in Review

By Gershon Burstyn

Family First Editor's Letter
Rosh Hashanah, a Yom Tov measured not by how much time we spend in shul, but by how much we allowed Hashem’s light to shine in us and through us

By Bassi Gruen