This quick and easy dough can be made with just a bowl and spoon. Enjoy them as a change of pace for Shalosh Seudos.

By Tami Phillip

This is a different type of bagel with a sweet coating and honey syrup. It’s delicious as is, warm and fragrant, or smeared with butter and jam.

By Saar Mor

Cozey Feature
Handwriting Analysis Guide for Teens

By J.S. Wolin

Crispy crust. Spicy sauce.  Gooey cheese oozing over the sides in long, melty strings.  Do you think that there’s nothing like the first bite of a fresh, hot slice of pizza? You’r ...

By Shoshana Gross

Tempo: Second Guessing
I’m trying to be calm. “Just a reminder I need to leave at three thirty,” I say in my most “I’m a professional” voice

By Ariella Schiller

Magazine Feature
When Entebbe captive Rabbi Nachum Dahan met rescuer and former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo, the past and present converged into one dark tunnel

By Aharon Kliger and Yaakov Amsalem

The reason for the difference? Nothing we can see. Nothing we can determine. Something only G-d can see

By Faigy Peritzman

Knesset Channel
For Bibi's shaky coalition, draft dissent spells trouble

By Avi Blum, ESQ