By Brynie Greisman

Whats Cooking
There are those among us who can live solely on bowls of soup (and the occasional cereal and milk — they’re in the same family). You don’t need to overthink soups. But if you want ...

By Mishpacha Staff

Standing Ovation
I’ve had a front-row seat witnessing and being part of the changes in the trade over the years

By Dovid Nachman Golding

Family First Feature
Readers find faith and fortitude in Dovid Hamelech’s timeless words

By Family First Contributors

How much can you sanitize a massacre? Should you sanitize a massacre?

By Shoshana Friedman

Family Tempo
At a wedding amid war, joy and terror intermingle

By Bassi Gruen

Teen Feature
We sat down with a few principals from various schools to hear about the ins and outs of their job

By Bashie Lisker


By Gitty Chopp