A Better You
Usually, those who prey on or hurt children in any way don’t broadcast that with a scary appearance; they don’t look like monsters or kidnappers. Sadly, they often aren’t even str ...

By Family First Contributors

Family First Serial
This whole Torah thing, and Shabbos and kosher and looking for crumbs in pockets before Passover —I need to figure it out.

By Miriam Zakon

Family Reflections
Getting to know our secret self can be liberating

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

Family First Feature
All art must be inspired by something — but when does that inspiration cross the line into theft? Artists and experts get real about plagiarism hitting the palette

By Esther Shaindy Leshkowitz

Family First Serial
“You know you can’t run a campaign without Ayala’s approval.”

By Gila Arnold

Family First Inbox
I encourage readers to not be the silent one, to show compassion and a gesture of kindness when it’s needed most.

By Family First Readers

The child for whom I had prayed. The child who was not what I had prayed for

By Chumi Cohen

Diary Serial
And it’s on to the next poisoned patient, with the same beautiful synchronization of care

By Shoshana Gross

The Rose Report
The idea that Israel might have to occupy the Gaza Strip for even seven months to ensure Gaza’s compliance with the terms of surrender, has become unthinkable

By Binyamin Rose

These are an elevated finger food that’s not just for kids, guaranteed!

By Rivky Kleiman

A Tribute to Dr. Yosef Walder a”h

By Mindel Kassorla

Gourmet Vs. Everyday
This makes a great light, fun supper that the kids can eat quickly before running off to play

By Chaya Suri Leitner and Sara Gold

Here are some special ideas to enhance your Lag B’omer party this year.

By Esther Ottensoser

Family Tempo
As Shlomo gets older, he’ll do what his friends do. If he’s not with a good chevreh, he’ll go off the derech!”

By A.L. Gruber