In the end it’s clear who really merits true happiness

By Faigy Peritzman

Family Reflections
A heartfelt and complete apology can turn things around

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

Though she’d lost nearly everything, Rebbetzin Dina Shkop spent her life giving

By Ariella Schiller

Personal Accounts

By Mishpacha Contributors

Family Tempo
I’d wanted to spend the evening curled up with a book, losing myself in an alternative reality. But Aaron’s vort forced me to get dressed, get out, and face the world.

By Rivky Neuhaus


By Tehila Feldman

Center Stage
Rina seemed blithely unaware of just how much each day of filming was costing them, as she insisted on take after take

By Gila Arnold

The Gatekeeper's Daughter
“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned! I cannot eat. I cannot rest. I cannot breathe. So gravely have I sinned...”

By Esther Teichtal

Text Messages
The ripple effects of one Jew’s kiddush Sheim Shamayim

By Eytan Kobre

Bricks and Ladders
Being liked by Tamara Fine is no small matter. I’ve seen the way the other girls look at me whenever she calls out a sunny, “Hey there, RaRa”

By Ariella Schiller

Teen Fiction
Though she’d originally seemed all gung-ho about the party and gift, she now acted like it was of no concern to her

By Rachelli Weinstein

Yael’s dark brown eyes meet mine. I can feel her rapid heartbeat. “It’s going to be okay,” I promise her, “Ima’s going to be fine”

By Tovy Mann

Story Time
The king watched as Dibi bared his fangs at Azzam and growled. “Sometimes I’m not sure who you despise more, the Jews or my beloved dog”

By Yehuda Bromberg

Jr. Tales
The booth was a wet, soapy mess by the time I left with my treasured goldfish. Nosson and I were the two happiest kids on the planet

By Bluma Schur-Gordon