It’s frightening how small words have the power to corrupt everything

By Faigy Peritzman

Family Reflections
Children are always learning — and parents determine the curriculum

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

A bitter agent can become the very sweetener we seek

By Mrs. Shani Mendlowitz

Magazine Feature
Montreal’s newly reelected borough councilor, 24-year-old chassidish woman Mindy Pollak, knows that with hard work and heart, even the thickest barriers can be breached

By Machla Abramovitz

A survey of weight-loss strategies throughout the ages, shows that in the search for that elusive quick-and-easy diet, it’s often common sense that gets shed — not pounds

By Libi Astaire

Change of Heart
The scary part wasn’t the heart thing, and the scary part wasn’t the drugs. The scary part was the vulnerability

By Leora Hammer

Family Tempo
How fragile does a person have to be for their mood to be controlled by the color of the sky?

By Goldy Snitzer

I couldn’t believe it. How did they know who was at the door? And what I was there for? How could they be so cruel?

By Esty Heller

Normal Like Me
“You won’t even get a particle of the resources of your ancestral land. All you’ll get is the salary they pay you. ...

By Ruti Kepler

5 out of 10

By Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin

In the worst of times a Yid still sings “Shelo Asani Goy”

By Riki Goldstein

“Maybe you can be Rabi Akiva,” I told Kalman one day, “but I can’t be Rabi Akiva’s wife”

By C. Saphir

The Explainer
Is Michael Wolff’s new best seller on President Trump’s first year in office an issue that will burn on, or will the fury die down?

By Binyamin Rose

Metro & Beyond
Cuomo on cruise control for third term after Republican opponent’s withdrawal

By Jacob Kornbluh