Smart Eats
Answers to five burning cheesecake questions

By Shira Isenberg, RD, MPH

Spiritual growth starts with chesed and vatranus

By Faigy Peritzman

Family Reflections
We all need time to develop ourselves

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

Connect Two
Kayla, 15, has a hard time remembering words

By D. Himy, M.S. CCC-SLP and Zivia Reischer

Magazine Feature
Dovid Hamelech, ancestor of Mashiach, descended from Ruth, princess of the most depraved nation. Rav Moshe Shapira ztz”l expl ...

By Rabbi Menachem Nissel

Magazine Feature
Just hours before he passed away with all his children gathered around him Rav Yisroel Grossman instructed Rebbetzin Nussbaum to look in the pocket of his jacket. Inside were thre ...

By Leah Gebber

On Topic
Is there a specifically Jewish approach to parenting? How can we establish what’s true to our mesorah, and when, if eve ...

By Elisheva Appel

Personal Accounts
When a non-Jew wants to follow Ruth’s example and join our Nation, there’s a long road ahead of her,

By Riki Goldstein

Magazine Feature
Everyone knew he was a tremendous machmir, extremely, extremely careful about every drop of food that went into his mouth. ...

By A. Kutcher

Summer Job
Chaim has expressed an interest in buying the camp, but Barry Penner has another buyer in mind

By Dov Haller

“I really don’t need all these dates — there’s only one person I need. So please Hashem don’t send me any more shidduchim until it’s the right one.”

By C. Saphir

On Site
From a goblet to a grouse, London’s underground vaults are the gold standard on a silver platter

By Riki Goldstein

It was all about timing, and three weeks before the Festival of Cheesecakes was no doubt the best time to launch her ...

By Rivka Streicher and Rochel (Grunewald) Samet

Real Life
I would never be able to fashion my husband into the man I had hoped to marry, a man focused on serving Hashem and being a family man. But I could be his friend. And maybe, he wou ...

By Leah Gebber