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Living Higher: Issue 958

Robotics is complex but this decision was simple

The 2023 First Championship was held in Houston, Texas this year, running from April 19 to April 22. The Championship is an international event, featuring youth teams from across the world who have excelled in the science and technology of robotics.

One of these teams was a group of Israeli students from the Amit High School in Modi’in. They arrived in the Lone State, excited to display their creativity in the rapidly progressing field of robotics, but they faced a problem.

The final day of the Championship — April 22 – was on Shabbos.

Robotics is complex but this decision was simple. They wouldn’t attend. Period. But rather than simply go inexplicably absent, they implemented their finely honed creativity to blueprint yet another innovation. They placed Shabbos candles, challah, a kiddush cup, and an Israeli flag in their booth, along with a short explanation of what Shabbos is all about.

The directors of the championship took note of the booth sans people and filled with very un-robotic looking objects. And if others noticed as well, they wouldn’t have to wonder for long. The explanation about Shabbos reached the hands of the announcer and he took to the mic to read it before the entire crowd of international students. No sooner did he complete the letter when all in attendance rose to their feet in a thundering round of applause. When the noise settled, the announcer put things into perspective. “Thank you for the reminder,” he said, “that there are other things outside the world of robotics that are also important.”

And the diverse group of teenagers who came to the Championship to celebrate their creative prowess went home with that much more awareness that the true champions are those who celebrate the True Creator.


(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 958)

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