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Living Higher: Issue 940

Finding a printer who would customize 21 pairs of tzitzis


he customized T-shirts designed by the seniors in Leibler Yavneh College of Melbourne, Australia, emblazoned with the school logo and their individual names, were a real hit, and the students wore them to school with pride. When Gabe Jotkowitz and Pinny Pacanowski, two of the seniors, noticed that some of their classmates were struggling to wear their tzitzis every day, they decided to leverage the success of the custom T-shirts to encourage steadier tzitzis-wearing among their friends. They got to work finding a printer who would customize 21 pairs of tzitzis, and after a few months the shipment arrived, with each pair of tzitzis bearing a student’s name and the Yavneh College school logo.

At their December graduation (remember, they have the seasons reversed Down Under), 21 students walked onto the stage in full school regalia, which, thanks to the forward thinking of two seniors, now included tzitzis as well.


(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 940)

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