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Hugs, Kisses, and Math Fun

Text and Styling by Hsther Ottensoser
Photography by Hudi Greenberger

With Rosh Hashanah falling out on Labor Day this year, going back to school is going to be hectic!! Here are some fun and easy ways to send your kids off to school — this week or at any other time of year.

Fun with Fractions

Pull out some cheese, rice cakes, and cookie cutters, and have your children practice their math skills as they enjoy a light lunch or snack. This is both a fun activity and a “fraction” of the cost of a math tutor!

(As an aside, when my mother was growing up, my grandmother never let them just make one full recipe. She always had to double, a third, half… This was one of the many ways my grandmother made a life experience into a learning experience!)

You will need:
  • rice cakes (regular or mini)
  • American cheese or other sliced cheese
  • round and alphabet-shaped cookie cutters
  • knives

Cut out cheese using round cookie cutters and then cut into wedges. Alternatively, cut into letter shapes. Arrange on your rice cakes!

Hugs and Kisses

I always loved reading my children the book about the mother who put a kiss into her child’s pocket every morning for when the child needed a little love. Eight hours is a looong time to be in school! Here are some cute, easy, and inexpensive ways to add some love to your child’s day.

  • inspirational and motivational stickers (available from Amazon)
  • funny face ziplocks (available from Amazon)

Attach stickers to sandwich and snack bags, or directly onto fruit. Insert sandwiches into funny face ziplock bags, and send to school with a smile!

(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 757)

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